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Hellocon Labyrinth of Dreams event report and roundup

I attended my first international lolita event recently and want to talk about it! This is a long read, so buckle up. Why this event? I have wanted to go to a lolita event in Europe ever since seeing lots of Instagram posts about Träumerei in 2019 in Germany. I had heard of Hellocon's events before and how well organized they are, I'd wanted to visit Finland someday anyway, and had the money to go on a trip so I decided now was a good time to make it happen! My partner traveled with me because he was also interested in visiting Finland, and though at first he wasn't planning to attend the event with me he ended up coming to the pre-event dinner, main event, and evening party. Pre-event dinner This was an optional event offered to attendees. I wanted to participate since it might be a good chance to meet some people before the event started in a more casual, quiet setting. It was in the same hotel that I was staying in. My partner came to the dinner with me because it was o

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