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Azuki's Wardrobe 2023: Pruning in Order to Bloom

Welcome! This year I decided to post everything in my collection again, or at least as much of it as I could stand to photograph and format into a post. Even though it's a LOT of work with my wardrobe size, it is worth it to me to see everything I have in one place. I started working on this post a lot earlier in the month this time and that did help, as well as taking photos of some things on the dress form right after they arrived in the mail (a smart idea from someone in my local community) rather than waiting until January to do it. That said, there are lots of smaller things (hair accessories and jewelry, for example) that didn't make it this time, and I may edit this to add them in later but for now I just want to be done. Theme for this coming year is 'pruning in order to bloom'. Just as plants sometimes need some cutting back in order to grow happily, my closet needs some weeding out to really close in on what I love to wear and will actually make use of. (My br

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