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Azuki's Wardrobe 2022: a love letter to Metamorphose

~this is a Metamorphose appreciation/fangirl post~ Greetings! For this year's wardrobe post I am featuring my Metamorphose items specifically. Why? Metamorphose is my favorite brand and ~40% of my main pieces are from them; I have not seen a specific brand wardrobe post for Metamorphose before; and I've photographed my entire wardrobe a few years in a row now and wanted to try something different. My full wardrobe (70+ main pieces) feels huge to me and photographing every single piece is a daunting task, though admittedly it is satisfying to look at when the photos are all finished and neatly arranged. Metamorphose has long had a stereotype of being wild, weird, and wacky. I don't think that's necessarily true anymore but y'all can feel free to keep that stereotype going if it means I almost never have to fight anyone to get what I want or deal with scalpers. I personally enjoy the variety because it shows a willingness to try new things sometimes and also appeal to

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